Graffiti artwork  project for the bi-centenary

A community arts project is set to add a touch of colour to Pembroke Dock’s bicentenary celebrations next year. It is hoped that the celebrations will bring together all sections of the community and that is precisely what the arts project coordinated by Community Youth Worker Matt Done ,PCSO Nadia Sullivan and Pembroke Dock Bicentenary Coordinator Martin Cavaney  has done. Recently creative artist Cheryl Beer held a workshop at the town’s Youth Centre when residents of Apley Lodge shared their memories with local young people to form a story board  of the history of the town which will eventually lead to colourful banners being displayed around the town for the bicentenary celebrations. The  story board will be used for graffiti artwork  to be spray painted onto the walls around the park at the Youth Centre led by well known artist Lloyd Roberts .  The work will take four days and involve 40-60 young people taking part.  The finished artwork will be photographed and printed onto banners which will be displayed on lamp posts around the town during community events and festivals.    In addition to the graffiti art, the interesting and sometimes humorous memories inspired poems and a song relating to the characters and stories. Community Youth Worker Matt Done was excited by the project  explaining  that Lloyd Roberts had held some “amazing “ Graffiti Days at the Youth Centre in the past.  He was grateful to local PCSO Nadia Sullivan who had managed to raise £3,150 from local community groups and businesses to fund the project.  He also wished to thank the project’s sponsors:  Bush and Park Tenants and Residents Association, Pembrokeshire Youth Service, Police Community Safety Fund, Mainport Engineering, Pembroke Dock Town Council, Communities First, The Bicentenary Group, Milford Port Authority. .
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