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  Pembroke Dock's restored buildings offer striking evidence of the town's rich history. Irish ferry passengers pass, for example, the Royal Dockyard's elegant Georgian architecture. The Dockyard Chapel (1831-) is restored, as are the 1930s flying boat hangars. Just outside the yard are the refurbished market (1826) and the 1851 Gun Tower on Front Street. The tower, in its new role, houses the town's museum.  To view a Time Line Click Here Military history Pembroke Dock's layout and buildings date mostly from Dockyard times (1814-1926). The town's shipbuilders constructed 263 vessels for the Royal Navy, ranging from gunboats to battleships and the Royal Yachts Victoria and Albert I, II and III. The forts and barracks which protected the Dockyard and housed the garrison are still prominent. The enormous hangars in the Dockyard are reminders of World War II's largest operational flying boat base. Pembroke Dock was an RAF base from 1930 until 1957. The last regular Army unit left in 1967. The western part of the Dockyard remains a salvage depot.
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