In 1914 a Memorial Standard Lamp, was erected in Albion Square to commemorate the Centennial of the Royal Dockyard in Pembroke Dock. South-facing pedestal: This pedestal   and lamp were erected by public subscription to commemorate the centenary  of the town of  Pembroke dock  and the  royal dockyard Embossed on granite below this:  1814-1914 East-facing pedestal:The town was built almost entirely by the working classes who by their thrift and industry erected during the century upwards of 2000 houses. in 1914 the first houses were built on freehold land acquired by the corporation.  Population census 1911 11366 .Embossed on granite below this:1814-1914 North-facing pedestal:In this square  the proclamation of the following sovereigns took place  King Edward VII 31 Jan 1901  King George V 9 May 1910 King Edward VIII 21 Jan 1936  King George VI12 Dec 1936/ queen Elizabeth II 6 Feb 1952 Embossed on granite below this: 1814- 1914 West-facing pedestal: The  royal dockyard  was established  in the year 1814. the first ships built were the "Valorous" and "Ariadne"  both being launched  10th February 1816 Embossed on granite below this: 1814-1914  
For the Bicentennial  in 2014 The Pembroke Dock Bicentenary Group  has obtained  an award from the Heritage lottery fund to honour this historic milestone by producing  a 3D digital reconstruction of the former Royal Dockyard and the earliest streets and buildings in the town  in partnership with De Montfort University Leicester’s Digital Heritage Department,  The university team will be using the latest technology including 3D laser scanning and virtual reality simulation which will be available on line at: Digital Building Heritage Project-Royal Dockyard-Pembroke Dock
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