Pater Hall Trust who have just completed a major upgrade of facilities at the front of Pater Hall, have come up with a initiative and cost effective way of ensuring that Pembroke Dock Council can follow the wishes of it councillors by relocating the Council Office and Meeting Facilities to the ground floor, to further advance the accessibility of its services to the broader community. The new ramped entrance off Lewis Street will not only access the Town Council Office but also serve the Warrior Suite at Pater Hall With added staff facilities and a light open plan design the office will be larger than the present space. The Trust will then look at converting the old offices into let-able community space The Trusts proposals are to be put to the full council at their meeting on Thursday25th July, if agreed the Trust will move forward  firstly sourcing funds, address planning issues and full design details. If all goes well the new facilities could be ready well before the end of the  year Nb.  The year being 2013….still not sorted here in 2017, costed at the time to be just under £10.000.

Trust Proposes changes

to accommodate Council

Pater Hall Trust..Town Council Office  Proposed Plan

Not to scale

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