The Pembroke Dock Bicentenary Group 1814-2014    This site was never completed

Pembroke Dock Digital Project

The project aims to be the work of the whole community so that we can share and understand the heritage on our doorstep. We hope to uncover new stories and documents hidden in various archives around the country and even in people’s attics

Open House

An open day is to be held at the Sunderland Trust

Our Project

As well as organizing major events to mark the founding of the town, we are asking all Organisations, Pubs and Clubs to “BE PART OF IT”. Pembroke Dock has great community spirit and we look forward to all groups Staging their own events no matter how small……taking part is the important thing. We are willing to support you advice and will be producing a Programme of Events, in print form and also on our Webpage and on facebook.

The History of Pembroke Dock

Pembroke Dock's restored buildings offer striking evidence of the town's rich history. Irish ferry passengers pass, for example, the Royal Dockyard's elegant Georgian architecture. The Dockyard Chapel (1831-) is restored,

Ships Built

1 Valorous Frigate 28 10/02/1816 2 Ariadne Frigate 28 10/02/1816
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