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GENERAL meeting
Tuesday 25th September 2012
10.00 am in the office of
Llanion Communities First 10, Meyrick Street, Pembroke Dock



The aims an objective's of the Pembroke Dock Memorial Park Association will be for the benefit of residents, visitors and wildlife and to encourage and facilitate greater use and enjoyment of the Park by all. In pursuance of this aim the Association will seek in conjunction with the County Council as owners of the Park to:
a) ensure that any changes are sustainable and respect the Park’s Heritage and distinctiveness,
(b) represent the views of the residents of Pembroke Dock in matters concerning the Park,
(c) form links and work cooperatively with the Pembrokeshire County Council who have ownership and responsibility for the Park as well as businesses, community groups, charities, schools and other appropriate organisations including groups who already have facilities within the park such as the Pembroke Dock Bowling Club,
(d) organise, host and fund events and activities within or associated with the Park,
(e) complement other projects which are taking place within the Town Council area.
The Association shall be non-party, in politics and non-sectarian in religion and shall operate without distinction of gender, ethnic background, age, disability, sexuality, or religious, cultural or political beliefs.

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