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Friday, 02 August 2013

July marked the UK’s third Independent Retailer Month, which aims to raise awareness of thousands of local businesses and increase footfall into towns and village centres, helping retailers to stay open for business, and to reduce the number of empty shops on the high street. Many of the town’s small businesses attended a meeting held at the Pater Hall in Dimond Street to discuss the county council’s streetscape paint scheme, regeneration project and many of their own ideas to help re-vitalise their town centre. James Parfitt owner of Parfitt’s Carpets and chairman of the chamber, said: “The number of empty shops on British high streets has hit an all-time high this year, and the only way to stop that happening is for people to visit them, and support them. While many people do shop for convenience online, or at one- stop centres, there’s no substitute for great customer service and that sense of community that comes with shopping close to home, and we want to remind people of that. “We’re hoping that other businesses will come along to the meetings so that between us we can help restore a thriving St. Govan’s Shopping Centre and High Street to Pembroke Dock making it the hub it once was,” he said. The Chamber of Trade Pembroke Dock will meet again on August 13, 5.45 pm, at the Pater Hall and would be delighted for any business owners to attend, members or not. Membership fees have been suspended at this time to encourage as many people as possible to come forward with their ideas. For more details, contact Stephanie Cross, Rembrandt Jewellers, on 07854669838 or

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