Just an update regarding the Street Art Project.. Due to Health and Safety concerns raised by the Trunk Roads Agency, we can no longer undertake the project at the proposed site of the old Silcox Garage.  Therefore, we have a new plan to create the artwork on giant banners which we will hang or place around the Town, hopefully utilising the street lamps near to the Garrison Chapel amongst other sites. This means that the project can still proceed and instead of one fixed site, we will be in a position to move the banners around the Town for maximum effect.  Going forward, we can also utilise the banners for any Community events such as the Summer Festival and any events relating to next year's Bi-Centenary celebrations. We are still fund-raising for the project but so far have received generous support from local Community Groups and Businesses as well as the Town and County Councils. If you have not yet pledged a donation, would you be kind enough to contact me to discuss further  : At present Matt Done, PCC Youth Services, is liaising with the Street Artist to organise a 'Creative Day' to take place at Pembroke Dock Youth Centre, some time during the second week of the Easter Holidays.  As the young people of the Youth Centre have themselves invited the residents of Apley Lodge to take part in the street art project, we are looking forward to the residents passing on their memories and having an input into the events they wish to see displayed on the banners.  To this end, we are planning that the Creative Day will start in the morning with an historical talk or slideshow which will take place at the Youth Centre and will be attended by some of the Apley Lodge residents, which will give them the opportunity to talk to the youngsters and pass on their thoughts and ideas for the project. We will also be inviting all key Community and Business sponsors as well as local historians to drop in during the day to allow everyone involved to have a say..  We will use this opportunity to take photographs to be used as part of our PR campaign in the local media where all sponsors will be mentioned.  The young people of the Youth Centre will cook and serve lunch to all who attend on the day. During the afternoon session, we will be working with the Street Artist to formulate a plan for the actual painting of the banners.  I will email all parties with the date for this creative day once it has been firmed up. Due to the need to re-think the location of the project, we will now actually undertake the painting of the banners with the street artist and young people during the May Bank Holiday where we envisage it will take 3 or 4 days work.  Again, everyone will be informed of the dates that this event will take place, therefore, you will have an opportunity to join in if you so wish. On behalf of the Pembroke Dock Youth Centre; Martin Cavaney and the Pembroke Dock Neighbourhood Policing Team, may I take this opportunity to Thank You all for your help and support so far, and hope to see as many of you as possible on the creative day as well as during the actual painting of the banners.
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