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While 55% of our history has already been recorded by a number of eminent writers in some shape or other, this paper looks at the names of our streets and in some cases, using the 1851 Census to see who occupied which house.  However, we soon came to the conclusion that it would not be practical at this time to research the whole town, therefore we have only covered parts of the Centre Ward as it stood between 1851 with some even earlier coupled with some minor intrusion into its neighbour Wards.    We make no claim that what has been written here is completely accurate, as much of what happened in the town has already been lost in time, and while some is still in the hands of our elders, some of what we are told would be closer to Myth and Magic rather than what took place, especially when it comes to placing a shop or public house in the right position. It will at some stage be necessary for others to fill in the comings and goings at least on a yearly base, to add to it for future generations?  This record is far from complete, as new information comes to our notice almost on a daily basis; furthermore those who contribute to it in the years ahead may find other subjects worthy of recording.

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Pembroke Dock's restored buildings offer striking evidence of the town's rich history. Irish ferry passengers pass, for example, the Royal Dockyard's elegant Georgian architecture. The Dockyard Chapel (1831-) is restored, as are the 1930s flying boat hangars. Just outside the yard are the refurbished market (1826) and the 1851 Gun Tower on Front Street. The tower, in its new role, houses the town's museum.....Read More
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