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Pembroke Dock Town Council from the Web Project

Welcome to the new Events of Pembroke Dock Archive 



















































This Part of the site is under construction and will be relocated to the Pembroke Dock News Portal Section to replace the Pembroke Dock Town Council site which has now closed

















We here at the Project work hard to be interactive with the day to day workings of Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire and its communities Reporting the good news, views and events within Pembroke Dock and its catchment area, when ever possible. The project volunteers not only attend events and engage with the communities, we also boast links to local and national agencies who support us with breaking news, forthcoming events and information whenever they can. We endeavour to publish or directly link eliminating the need for editorial changes to donated input; we prefer to present information “as it comes”, for the people in and around Pembroke Dock. One of the many but possibly the main objective of the Project is to promote all the positive aspects of Pembroke Dock, and the surrounding communities in Pembrokeshire. And in so doing increase the positive profile of Pembroke Dock and Pembrokeshire not just here in Wales, but also world wide

The Pembroke Dock Community Web Project is developed in the Community by the Community for the Community, and is produced by a few dedicated volunteers mostly at there own cost. We are pleased to find we have become a major information source not just here in Pembroke Dock, but also in Pembrokeshire, Wales, The United Kingdom but the rest of the World.

The Project reports mainly in and around Pembroke Dock, with items or information that affects the community. The project supports and is the web host for many and varied groups including the Town Council and its Committees, Trusts and Charities, Business, Trade Groups, Charity Groups, Youth Groups, Clubs and various other Associations mainly here in Pembroke Dock.

The project is self supporting and non-profit making and carries no commercial advertising

Your future support would be an added string in our ever expanding bow. For more information on the Pembroke Dock Community Web Project, why not give us a visit or contact the Project Co-Ordinator